What you need

Passport photo (biometric)

Passbild (biometrisch)


Certificate of vision test

Can be obtained from an optician or ophthalmologist

Can be taken at the Red Cross, for example

Kannst du z.B. beim DRK machen

The sooner you get these things, the sooner the application can be submitted and processed by the municipality.

Since the driver's license office has to apply for a criminal record certificate and request information from the central traffic register, the processing time usually takes about 4-12 weeks! If there is then no reason against issuing a driver's license, a test order can be issued.

(No test is possible without a test order - regardless of whether theory or practice!)

From What Age Can You Take the Driving Test?

You can take the theoretical driving test up to 3 months before your 18th or 17th birthday, and the practical driving test 1 month before.

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